Tour De Swamp


The Hill

2 for a 3.1 mile ruck
7 for the bootcamp

Q: Cornwallis
Pax: Marshall, Knee-high, PVC, Brickyard, Thickburger (visiting from F3 Metro), Buchanan (visiting from F3 Cleveland).

Disclaimer given

Warmorama: (All IC)

SSH x 25
IST x 10
Toy Soldier x 10
Windmill x 10
Mtn. Climber x 20

Karaoke and butt kickers to the first picnic shelter.
20 Step Ups OYO
10 Incline Mericans IC
10 Dips IC (or what Knee-high called “Tea bags 😬)
10 Decline Mericans IC

Mosey to the basketball Court.
Suicides with 5 burpees each time you come back to the start line.
Motivators from 5
Merican Time-Bomb from 5

Mosey to the playground.
5 Rounds of: 10 kick ups, 10 Australian Pull-ups

Buchanan led us in what he called… I don’t remember…, but we know it as Leg Blasters!

Mosey to the hill by the pool.
Ladder: Quadraphilia (walk backwards) up the hill, 10 squats, run down, do 20 LBCs. Repeato down the ladder just decreasing the squats by 1 each time.

Mosey to the tennis courts.
Lunge walk the long length of the court on the line, bear crawl the short line.

Mosey back for Mary

Flutter kicks x 30
Mason Twists x 25

Recover Recover!

-Great having 2 out of town guests join us! Welcome Thickburger (2nd post for this week) and Buchanan! Great meeting you guys and hope to see you again sometime. Maybe you can take some new things back to your AO’s.
-Knee-high of course bringing the jokes! Gotta show to know.
-5 rounds of kick ups sounds a lot easier on “paper” (aka my head). Proved to be pretty brutal. First round was a piece of cake. Second round you start to question how you’ll finish 4 more rounds.
-Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Labor Day. Keep lifting each other up, spreading the word to all men, not just men who look “fit”. It’s often the ones you least expect who get the most out of F3 and that’s why we are here!
-Always an honor to lead you fine men.


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