9 PAX posted for a hodgepodge workout on a warm and humid Labor day.  This included 1 FNG.

Maestro Lap
15 x Should Pretzels
10 x LBAC’s both directions
15 x SSH
10 x Slow Windmills
15 x Grass Pickers

Mosey to Happy Place

1 x Leg Blasters

Trash Cleanup – Run around the play ground area.  When you find a piece of trash run it to the nearest trash can.  If its plastic do 1 pull up, Paper do 5 Merkins, Styrofoam do 10 Squats, Aluminum do 15 LBAC’s

Mosey to shelter house

Ring of fire round 1: 10 x Air Squats, hold Al Gore
Round 2: 5 x dips, hold low dip

Mosey to bottom of hill by cabose

Backwards Bearcrawl up the hill, 10 squats.  Repeat x3

Mosey around the happy place back to playground

3 rounds of 10 x Swing Tysons, 20 x Dips, 30 x LBC’s

Mosey back to flag

15 x Pickle Pounders
15 x American Hammers
20 x LBC’s
15 x Pickle Pointers
15 x Crunchy Frog OYO
40 second Plank to finish out.

Good turnout despite the 3 HC’s that Fartsacked.  Looking at you Humdinger, Littlefoot, and TipToe.  There were some claims that I was making the workout up as we went.  Obviously, I spent hours preparing.  We welcomed our FNG, Eric Woods, to a good  workout.  Close to a Merlot Splash but not quite there.  Eric was the only one that had to work this morning so couldn’t join us for breakfast at Hoops but Maestro met us there for some good comradery. Almost lost OPP to a 10-29 on the way there but he made it.



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