Flippin’ Good Time!

7 PAX posted on this comfortable 70 degree morning.  Daisy Gasman Crabby PO Jay-Z Wapner IM Piper(VQ)

Warm up:
Shoulder pretzels x 20 IC
Sprinkler x 15 IC
Grass Pickers x 15 IC
Leg Stretch OYO
Motivator from 6

Mosey to the tires.

Tractor tire flip (5) with (10) merkins then (1) lap, rinse and repeat until tire is flipped back to the start.

Mosey to Flag.

In and outs IC x 25
Bicycles OYO x 25
Crunchy frog OYO x 20
Straight leg sit ups OYO x 12
Flutter kicks IC x 20
V up roll up OYO x 16
Plank for 1 min

Moleskin:  Tough week starting with IM’s Hodgepodge that resulted in a 10-29 for OPP, and Crabby PO bringing the pain with Cindy.  Finished the week with tractor tire flips, in total each PAX did 55 tire flips, 110 merkins, and ran 2.09 miles.

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