Sept. 12, 53 degrees, clear, dewy in the gloom.

9 PAX- Jay-Z, Hummdinger, Crabby PO, Wapner, Gasman, IM, Paula Dean (Welcome), Sherm, Daisy QIC

Warm- up:

Maestro lap to Happy Place- 7 minutes work out to music (electronic music) included SSH, people’s chair, merkins, step ups, squats, dips, plank, high knees, lunges, merkin to side plank, and side plank hold- each side.

The Thang:

Mosey to large shelter-

Thunderstruck (classic rock)- plank with merkin every time thunder is said

Mosey to bath house-

4 minute TABATA workout (classical with modern twist) includes narrow squats, plank up-downs, butt kickers, bicycle crunches, side lunges, kicking toe touches, hip extensions, American hammer

Mosey to “The Sack”-

Cupid shuffle (dance) in plank position

Slowsey to “The Tip”

4 minute fat burning TABATA (classic rock) included merkins, SSH, heel touches on your 6, plank up/downs, squats, Mt climbers, lunges, imperial walkers

Leg blasters- 1 set

Mosey to pool shelter house-

“Yeah” (country)- plank jack on “yeah,” Mt climber on “she.”

Mosey to flag:


Proud Mary (oldies)- big boy sit-ups until “rolling”- gas pumps- then flutter kicks R&R


Welcome to visitor Paula Dean from Naperville! Hope you enjoyed our workout today! Chatter started with an unexpected warm-up at the Happy Place. Everybody was definitely warm after the first song. Chatter very quickly became groaning as Thunderstruck struck pain on the arms for 5 minutes. As the workout continued chatter became less and less as focusing on planking became more and more intense. Who knew that planking for 3-4 minutes at a time would bring as much pain and groaning. Tried to throw in some workout with “non-planks”- consensus still a lot of plank. Music was a nice change of pace- even Mary got in with what I deem her theme song “Proud Mary.” Those 3 minutes got some groans as well. Piper- you missed out on your favorite Flutter Kicks!!!! Overall good work today. National encouragement Day! So in closing- you guys are good enough- you’re smart enough- and dog gone it- I like you!!!! Have a great day and see you Friday!!!!

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