8 PAX posted this Monday September 17th morning.  Weather was nice.





FNG – Jeremy Rushton

FNG – Danny Lytle

Popeye –  Dion Miller

Crabby PO QIC

Warm up:

Shoulder Pretzel IC X 20

Grass Pickers IC X 20

LBAC (Little Baby Arm Circles) IC X 10 each direction

Arm and Leg stretching

Alternating Shoulder Taps: IC X 15

Merkins OYO X 10

Mosey to the Caboose



CLIMB is: Crab Cakes, Lunges, Iron Cross, Mountain Climbers, and Burpees.  PAX also ran down or up the hill in between each exercise.

Round one: 1 Crab Cake, 2 Lunges (each leg), 3 Iron Cross, 4 Mountain Climbers, and 5 Burpees.  Round two: 2 Crab Cake, 4 Lunges (each leg), 6 Iron Cross, 8 Mountain Climbers, and 10 Burpees. Round three: 3 Crab Cake, 6 Lunges (each leg), 9 Iron Cross, 12 Mountain Climbers, and 15 Burpees.

Mosey to Picnic Tables just beyond the fork in the road.

Ring of Fire: Incline Merkins / Incline Plank Holds x 10, Squats / Al Gore x 10, and Plank Jacks / Plank Holds x 10.

Mosey to the Happy Place.

Leg Blasters: 20 Squats, 10 Lunges each leg, 10 Jump Lunges, 10 Jump Squats.

ATM: 10 Alternating Shoulder taps in cadence, 10 Tempo Merkins, and 10 Merkins OYO.

Mosey to Flag.


LBC’s IC x 25

Freddy Mercury’s IC x 20

Flutter Kicks IC x 20

Hello Dolly IC x 20

Pickle Pounder IC x 15

Plank Hold


Two FNG’s and the conferring of a F3 Name.  To quote Ric Flair – “Woo.”  Excited to see our numbers continue to grow.  Lets hope that we can sustain this going into the colder months.  Nice little full body workout today.  YHC was sort of “off the cuff” this morning but overall was pleased with the end results.

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