I’m not a professional, neither is anyone else in the group.

You are responsible for yourself, no one else is including F3 and Northview Church.

Know your body and modify as needed.

Warm up – Each exercise 30 sec each for 3 rounds




3 Step Heisman

Butt Kicks

High Knees

Mummy Kicks


3 Deep Breaths

Bend at waist – Hamstring Stretch

Lean L/R

Runners Stretch and reach – L/R

Triangle Stretch – L/R

Roll Up Back Stretch

Mosey to Parking Lot

Interval Circuit #! – 30 seconds/exercise x 30 sec rest, 2 rounds


Speed Squat

Mountain Climbers (Whacky Jacks for F3’ers)

Ski Downs

Interval Circuit #2 – 30 seconds x 30 sec rest/exercise, 2 rounds

Mosey to Cars

Name o’rama


71 F Clear and muggy

PAX:  Khaki, Brickyard, Head Lock, Logger, PVC, Cornwallis, State, Wolverine, Cosmo (Q)

Great and historic morning today!

Interval Circuits were a success…kept the intensity with a shortened time frame.  Mumble Chatter was acceptable with lots of knee-grabbing for the 30-second interval rest.  Extended warm up and stretch was welcome as well.  Nice work Men!

Welcome newly-named State and Wolverine…YHC was in a college football mood today….State is for our Florida grad….short for Florida State.  Wolverine was from, as he stated, ‘The Ohio State University’…so we called him something from Michigan just for fun…although he thinks of it as an XMEN name (uh-huh whatever).  Welcome Guys!

Historic Event – Logger is the OFFICIAL new Site Q at the Hill!  YHC transferred leadership to a very worthy leader that has ‘earned his stripes’ and will be GREAT for the Hill Qs.  For the ceremony, Cosmo transferred the newly and specially-made shovel flag to Logger with a few words of thanks and appreciation.  The new Site Q was speechless…obviously with the wonder of all the pomp and circumstance of the moment.  Thanks Cornwallis for the shovel flag and Logger for your leadership…looking forward to great things.

The new leadership change is a great time to remind ourselves that WE ARE ALL LEADERS and are responsible to pass this F3 experience to other men so that we all can be the HIM we aspire to become….Let’s keep it going!

Always a privilege!


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