7 men posted in a breezy 77° gloom.







Jay-Z (QIC)



Grass pickers ICx15

Abe Vigodas ICX10

Nipple tweakers ICx15

Shoulder pretzels ICx15

Hip flexors

Motivator from 6

Mosey to happy place for crowd pleaser pyramid to 4


At bottom of stairs 1 crab jack and 1 derkin

Top of stairs 11 squats

To restrooms for 10 groiners and 10 dips

11 squats at top of stairs

Up to 10 at bottom of stairs

Down to 1 at restrooms


Pickle pounder ICX15

Pickle pointer ICX15

5 absolution


We had one emergency 10-29 during the workout. One PAX said he was close to a merlot splash. Considering those 2 episodes it was determined to be a good workout. A decent amount of running and when you consider the groiner in the crowd pleaser pyramid, the groiner in the absolution, and the groiners as part of the Thang, it was A LOT of groiners. We welcome Porkchop to our group and look forward to having everyone back with us next week.

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