Pfc. Martin Memorial

10th Mountain Division that came in support and had to run out to the safe zone in what is now referred to as the Mogadishu Mile.



The Hill

Q: Cornwallis
Pax: State, Wolverine, Cosmo, Swayzee, Khaki, Headlock

Weather: Heavy rain, lighting in the distance, and 76 degrees.

7 Pax Showed up, disclaimer was given in a heavy downpour, and I don’t think anyone knew what was coming. Here is how it went…

Warm-o-rama (all IC)

SSH x 25
Mtn climbers x 20
Mericans x 10


Instructions: All coupons need to be carried at all times, unless told to put them down. The flag will lead the way. Switch coupons as needed.

We moved out carrying these coupons: 35#KB, 25# KB, 35# concrete stepping stone, 40# sandbag, 20# plate, 2 rucksacks with 20# plates, 2 5 gallon buckets with water, 1 cinderblock, 1 flag

Headed to the sidewalk on Main St. going east to Hazel Dell.

In our first transition, a coupon was sat on the ground without permission. So we did 25 yard buddy drags.

Turned south on Hazel dell and had another coupon hit the ground. Penalty: Crawl bear up the hill and bear crawl back down. Move out.

Made it to the baseball diamond where we sat coupons down and bear crawled around the field. Loaded up coupons and headed back towards the church.

With about 1/4 mile to go, I gave Wolverine these details: You are now the Team Lead. You will need to choose 2 people to be casualties. They will need to be carried the rest of the way. All the coupons still need to be moved. You have 10 minutes to complete the task.

We got a plan, moved with purpose, and made our time hack.


LBC x 19 (representing the 19 men who died in the battle)
Flutter Kicks x 19
Rosalita x 19
Hold feet 6″ for 45 seconds.
Recover, recover.

-It was an honor to do this bootcamp with you all. I have participated in the Mogadishu Mile Goruck event and did my last GORUCK event with a Ranger that was in the battle.
– I hope you enjoyed doing something a little differently. Carrying weight doesn’t seem too hard, but it can be a burden in a hurry, especially in pouring rain. Everyone handled it really well and just did the work.
– Great to know you men and hope you continue to push yourselves and give it away to other men who need F3!


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