10 PAX posted on this comfortable 68 degree morning.  Daisy Porkchop Bambi Humdinger Gasman Wapner Jay-Z Crabby PO IM Piper(Q).

Warm up:

Sprinkler IC x 15

Grass Pickers IC x 15

Arm Stretches OYO

Leg Stretches OYO

SSH IC x 25

Mosey to Tires:

Thang: Tractor tire flip (5) with Merkins (10) Kettle bell swing (15), and 1 Maestro lap, rinse and repeat until tire is flipped back to the start.

Mosey to Flag:


Crunchy Frog OYO x 25

Flutter Kicks IC x 20

V up roll up OYO x 26

Climb your leg OYO 12 each leg, total of 24

Plank  for 30 sec

Moleskin: Good way to start the week, each PAX did 40 tire flips, 80 merkins, 120 swings, and 2 plus miles.  Progress is being made, no 10-29’s today.

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