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Q: Swayzee

PAX:  Paula Dean (Naperville), Zamboni, Headlock, Omaha (Lake Norman), DC, Pop, Brickyard, PVC, Khaki, Cornwallis, Logger, Wolverine, State, Cosmo

Thank you to our guests this morning.  We hope your stay is pleasant and we appreciate the long distance brotherhood.


We were blessed to have had unusually warm and dry weather for October in Indiana.  We were blessed even more by having 15 PAX show up to enjoy it.   I would like to say thank you to everyone for the patience, support, and a few good-hearted jabs on my first Q.

This VQ coincided with this past weekend’s National Firefighter Memorial Service.  To commemorate the men and women that have passed due to a Line of Duty Death (LODD) in the fire service or have succumbed to mental illness that plagues our profession; we did a little hose work.

Disclaimer presented




Weed Pickers

Arm Circles (forward and backward)


Tricep and Shoulder stretches


Mosey to concrete circle with intermixed high knees and butt kicks

Spiderman Merkins 10 IC

Lunges 20 IC

Tricep Extensions 10 OYO

Mosey to Barn

People’s Chair – shoulder to shoulder- Pass a 50′ roll of 3″ fire hose (Approx. 38 pounds) to your neighbor on your right.  Then bring it back to start by passing it to your left.

Everyone took a plank position about one foot apart and the hose was unrolled by PAX moving the hose from one to another, alternating left then right handed grab and pull to the right.  The hose was then brought back by reversing the process to the left.

Mosey in a tight and friendly line to the parking lot while everyone held the hose at shoulder level.

The hose was laid out flat

Ladder work:  follow the leader by alternating jumps left and right down the 50′ length of the hose. Then follow the leader by jumping forward and backward down the length of the hose.

PAX then did an exercise which simulated draining the hose after a working fire.  This involves lifting a section of the hose at a time with straight arms overhead in a backstroke motion and walking forward to the end of the hose.  Repeat to other end.

Everyone took one turn at this while the rest of the PAX completed the prescribed 50′ suicides x2 of Bear Crawl then Crab Walk.

Until everyone had completed their turn with the hose, PAX had to hold plank, do squats, or choose your own Suicides exercise.  We observed everything from broad jumps to sprinting to lunge walks.  Everyone did a great job staying busy and disciplined with doing work.

Mosey back to starting area while carrying hose as a group.



Rosalita Wips IC x10




  • Plenty of side convos and collective mumble chatter by the PAX.  This was uplifting and enjoyable to hear from double digits.
  • Thank you Cornwallis for the instructions and encouragement prior to this day.
  • Great job to all today.












































































































































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