We’re not professionals, neither is anyone else in the group.

You are responsible for yourself, no one else is including F3 and Northview Church.

Know your body and modify as needed.

Warm up


Weed Pickers

Arm Circles

Arm Stretch OYO

Mosey to the Grassy Knoll

Modified Deathstar

Station #1

Merkins Stars (10 Merkins each at 4 rotating stations OYO)

LBC Stars (10 LBCs each at 4 rotating stations OYO)

Mosey to Station #2 (approximately 100 yards)

10 Moguls

Rinse/Repeat 2X


Yoga Stretch – Warrior 1,2,3

Runners Stretch

Deep Side Lunges

Triangle Stretch

Back Roll Up

Arm Stretches – Tris, Shoulders

Mosey to the cars

Name o’rama


55 F Clear and a bit muddy at the Grassy Knoll (but not bad)

PAX:  Khaki, Brickyard, Head Lock, Logger, Cornwallis, State, DC, Keytar, Cosmo (Q)

DC’s joint-Q idea worked out VERY WELL this morning as the group got a decent bit of push up, LBC balance exercise then topped it off with some yoga and stretching.  Made for a great feeling  leaving the workout for this Q that lasted the rest of the day.  Good mix of things even though it sounded a bit strange at first….but then we are dealing with a joint DC/Cosmo Q…so likely should have expected some weirdness!


I have 2 chagres to ALL PAX…

1 Q – Let’s target as a group to volunteer for Qs out in advance (maybe a month out if possible)…this will help the site Qs focus more on making the Qs awesome and less on scheduling.  I’m committing to get better at this moving forward….jump in with me here.

2 Pass it on….let’s keep growing this movement and impact other men that need this in their lives.

Its great to be a part of this awesome group!

Always a privilege!

Cosmo (for DC)

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