8 PAX posted for some running and core work.  A perfect 42F.


Maestro Lap
15 x shoulder pretzels
15 x SSH IC
6 x Walkout Merkins
10 x Tempo Merkins
Leg Stretching
A few Scorpions each way


Run ~.25 miles
Bruce Lee (20x Hammers, 20x Leg Lifts, 20x LBC’s, 20x Heel Touches, 20x Crunchy Frog, 50x 100’s (First round we did 100))
Run ~.25 miles
12x Burpees
R&R 3.5 total rounds.  Threw in 15x swing pullups after 2nd round of Bruce Lee’s


Good amount of running today.  Lots of mumble after Crunchy Frogs and 100x 100’s in first round.  Decided to cut it to 50 for the other 3 rounds.  12 burpees were just the right amount to hurt but able to do in one stretch.  It was a fun workout.

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