If You’re Happy and You Know It Clap You’re Hands!!!

6 PAX posted this morning in the glorious gloom.  It was a cool 40 degrees.





Gas Man

CrabbyPO (QIC)


Abe Vigoda’s IC X 10

Grass Pickers IC X 15

Arm and Leg stretching OYO

Alternating Taps.  Hands, Elbows, and then Shoulders.  10 each in cadence.

Mosey to the Happy Place.


Leg Blasters: X 1 (20 Squats, 10 Lunges each leg, 10 Jump Lunges, 10 Jump Squats)

BLIMPS: 5 Burpees, 10 Lunges (each leg), 15 Imperial Walker, 20 Merkins, 25 Plank Jacks, 30 Squats.

Rinse and Repeat the Leg Balsters / BLIMPS combo three times.


Split the pax into two groups.  Odd numbers on one side and even on the other of about a thirty yard span.  One group ran while the other group performed an exercise.  Exercises were overhead claps on one side and mt. climbers on the other.  Pax not running could call out “Dive” and the running pax performed one burpee.  Continued this for a while.

Wall sits until YHC got tired.  (approx 60 seconds)

Ring of Fire:  Round one – Merkins X 10, Round two – Dips X 10, Round three – Pull ups (hold in the up position) X10 ** Opitional **

Mosey to the flag.


Flutter Kicks IC X 25


Reverse Mt CLimbers IC X 20


Hello Dolly IC X 20


Brisk morning at the “Happy Place.”  Had some chatter when YHC announce a round of Leg Blasters.  Even more chatter during the second and third rounds.  There was a lot of “diving” during the U-Boats this morning.  Ring of Fire proved to burn, burn, burn as usual.  No one opted to do the optional third round.  Happy Friday!

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