Deck of Cards – 23 Oct 2018

42 and Clear at the Hill this morning. 10 Pax posted (Logger, Khaki, Keytar, Brickyard, PVC, Headlock, Cornwallis (aka Wallis of the Corn), State, and Wolverine with Woodchuck Q) for a nice shuffling of the deck.


  • Bend & Reach 10x IC
  • Forward Lunge 10x IC
  • Abe-Pagodas 10x IC
  • Upper body stretching.

The Exercise

With 38 cards (Numbers 2 through 5 pulled out of the deck for each suite) shuffled randomly, Pax did 7 to 8 exercises before moseying to next area of the parking lot. Suits correspond with the following exercise:

  • Hearts = Mericans
  • Diamonds = Mountain Climbers
  • Spades = Little Baby Crunches (LBCs)
  • Clubs = Flutter Kicks

Pax performed number of exercises that correspond with the value of the card (ie 7 of hearts = 7 Mericans in cadence).

Pax ran a total of 4 stations with slight mosey in between before heading back to cars for Mary

The Mary

  • Merican Hammer 15x IC
  • Crunchy Frog 15x IC
  • In the morning / At Night
  • Low Plank 1 min
  • High Plan 1 min

Recover recover


One of my favorite exercises because often the Q knows the amount of torture they are going to inflict. With this Q it’s completely random and even the Q can wear out pretty quickly with a series of the same exercise.

Changing this up and allowing Pax to call out suite for reward or draw the next car helps sharing the pain as well!


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