35 and Clear with 8 Pax posted (PVC, Zamboni, Cornwallis, Wolverine, State, Logger, and Headlock with Woodchuck Q) at the Hill this morning for a little Tabata Thursday workout!


  • Bend & Reach 10x IC
  • Forward Lunge 10x IC
  • Abe-Pagodas 10x IC
  • Upper body stretching

The Tabata

Interval training with 45seconds of High Intensity Training (HIT) and 30 second rest between. Each exercise was performed 6 times with 4 exercises total. Pax completed the following exercises:

  • Merican
  • Little Baby Crunch
  • Squats
  • Block Curls / Overhead Arm Claps

The Mary:

  • Merican Hammer 10x IC
  • Crunchy Frog 10x IC
  • Flutter kicks 15x IC

Recover recover


Great exercise to reach that muscle failure. The addition of a block curl provided a great coupon opportunity. Good Training!!


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