Nov. 2- 40 degrees, moist from previous rains

8 PAX: Wapner, Jay-Z, Popeye, Crabby PO, Piper, Gasman, Humdinger, Daisy- QIC


SSH- 20 IC

HRB (Hand Release Burpees) 10 OYO

J-lo- 10 IC

CCV (Cumberland County Viaducts) 5 each side IC

The Thang:

Mosey to shelter house by pool- then each PAX would take a turn rolling the Exercise Die to see the exercise of choice. Exercises on the die include:

20 Burpees

15 jump Squats

15 jump lunges

30 sec side plank x2

60 minute wall sit

20 merkins

30 Freddie Mercury

20 dips

30 Russian twists

30 mountain climbers

15 tuck jumps

Water break- special exercise chosen for these

After everyone rolled and exercise completed mosey to shelter by basketball courts and then large shelter house

Mosey to flag


LBCF (Little baby crunches with flutter kicks)


E2K (elbow to knees) for 2 minutes


8 PAX gathered on National Ohio day in the wet gloom. In honor of Ohio spelling out the school name- Mary and warm up were exercises that used letters for their description. Possibly for the first time (at least in a while) it was noted that warm up had some grumbling. It set the tone for the die rolling. First round had 60 merkins- but the discussion was that the die seemed to be weighted toward side planking as it was the big roll for the day. Lots of wobbly arms by the time all was said and done. Water break rolls allowed for some leg blasters, ATM and 60 second Al Gore hold. We were all grateful for one roll of the burpees! It was something different and might be interesting to incorporate in some other workouts to add some excitement (or anxiety) with the game of chance.

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