7 PAX posted this morning in the glorious gloom.  Temperature was nice…real nice.






Gas Man

CrabbyPO (QIC)


General Stretching OYO

Moroccan Night Club IC X 20

Abe Vigoda’s IC X 10

LBAC IC X 10 Forward and Backward

Willie Mays Hayes OYO

Mosey to the 10-29.

THANG -1 @ the Triangle

Pax did some partner work around the edge of the playground area.   Pax started at the the restrooms (10-29) and one Pax did 25 squats while the other did walking lunges down the sidewalk toward the big shelter.  After completing 25 squats pax caught up with partner and switched.   This continued until reaching the point where the sidewalks intercepted in front of the shelter house.  Pax turned left down the next sidewalk and one Pax did 10 merkins and the other bear crawl, switched, and continued to the road.  From the road to the restrooms (10-29) one Pax did imperial walkers and the other 25 mountain climbers, switching until they reached the restrooms.

After round one, all Pax jogged the whole way around the triangle and then rinse and repeat.

Thing -2 @ the Shaft

Pax headed to the shaft for some La la Leggy.  20 Squats, 20 Lunges each leg, 20 Drop Lunges each leg, 20 Jump Squats, 20 Calf raises each leg.

Mosey to the flag.


Crunchy Frog OYO X 10

American Hammers OYO x 20


Did those three exercises three times each.

One minute Plank Hold.


Teamwork at its finest this morning.  Paired up the Pax and we worked together to traverse “the whole way” around the playground following the sidewalks.  After the beatdown on the legs, YHC added to it by dropping some La La Leggy onto the Pax.  Can already feel the soreness setting in.

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