55 degrees and windy at the Hill with 8 Pax (Khaki, State, Brickyard, Cornwallis, DC, Logger, and Headlock, with Woodchuck Q) posted for a buddy block building exercise!


  • Bend & Reach 10x IC
  • Forward Lunges 10x IC
  • Abe pagodas 10x IC
  • Upper body stretching

Mosey to Side Lot

Cardio down the lot and back.

  • High knees
  • Side shuffle
  • Lunges (half way, mosey back)
  • Suicide
  • Mosey to Central Lot
  • Buddy Block Builders
  • Pax team up and each pair has a block. Exercises are done by passing the block from one pax to the other and have been altered so they can be done in cadence.
  • Buddy Curls – 20x IC
  • –with two pax facing each other, each alternates holding the block. On one, the first pax curls the block, and brings it back down on two. On three the second pax curls the block and brings us back down on four. This is repeated until completion.
  • Buddy Globe Trotters – 20x IC
  • — with two pax back-to-back, each alternates holding the block straight out. On one, the first pax rotates either right or left, holding the block straight to their side. On two, the second pax grabs and rotates the block to center position. On three, the second pax rotates the alternate direction they did to grab the block. On four, the first pax grabs and rotates to center position. This is repeated until completion.
  • Buddy Block Rush
  • –Given a specified distance, buddies take turns moving blocks back and forth across the distance.
  • —First Iteration 3x
    • Buddy 1 Lunges with Block to Far point
      Buddy 2 does Mericans while buddy 1 travels the distance
      Buddy 1 moseys back – leaving block at Far point
      Buddy 2 moseys to Block upon Buddy 1 returning to start.
      Buddy 2 continues pushups
      Buddy 1 lunges back to start
      Buddies continue until completion
  • — Second Iteration 2x
    • Lunges are replaced with Block Drag
      Mericans are replaced with Flutter Kicks
  • Mosey to Cars
  • The Mary
    • Merican Hammer 15x IC
      Dolly Parton 15x IC
      Superman 15x IC
      Planks – 1min front, 30sec each side.


    This was an impromptu workout that I was anxious to try. There was a handful of explaining due to not knowing exactly how the exercise was worded in the lexicon or if there is one similar to it. All had a great and grueling time!!

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