36 degrees, cloudy, no wind!!!!

10 PAX: Wapner, Jay-Z, Popeye, Humdinger, Gasman, Crabby-PO, Piper, Maestro, Pew-Pew, Daisy- QIC

Today: 40 exercises for 40 sec. each

Warm up- sprinkler, Moroccan, grass pickers, seal jacks, legs OYO


Mosey to “Happy Place” start first exercise, after completion- slowsey to next light post until back at “Gathering Place.” Rinse and Repeat.

R1- rocky balboa, Worse Merkin ever, Dutch skate, alternating shoulder taps, bear crawl, squats with coupon

R2- body builder, chuck norris, al gore, makhtar N’Diayes, duck walk, curls with coupon

R3- capt. Thor’s, tempo merkins, Bobby Hurley, Peter Parker Peter, crab walks, lunges with coupon

R4- dips, hand release merkins, monkey humpers, Mt Climbers, imperial walkers, skull crushers

R5- box jumps, crowd pleaser, reverse lunges, plank, zombie walk, twist/ clock pendulum with coupon (renamed feeding the baby)

Mary- box cutter, LBCF, crunchy frogs, outlaw, heavy Freddie’s


Today YHC hit the big 4-0. Instead of taking the fartsack- thought celebrating in 40 style would be a better idea for the body. So between warm-up, the Thang and Mary- 40 exercises were completed. The chatter started slow today- but mumbling was heard discussing how 40 seconds is way longer than 30. The “favorite” exercises today included crab walks (man those sucked!) monkey humpers, box jumps, and crowd pleasers. Good burn when getting to 30 sec. Hard burn when you get to 40 sec. on many of them. Got to add a new man to the F3 ranks- named “Pew- Pew” today! Must be said like shooting a gun! Brought some good laughs- thanks Piper! Good way to start a new year of life! Great bunch of guys to spend it with! With Thanksgiving approaching truly thankful for this group.

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