We’re not pros, nor responsible (me, F3, Northview)…pace yourself, modify as needed.

Warm up

SSH x 29 IC (Q can’t count)

High Knees x 20 IC

Arm Circles, Front & Back

The Thang

Leg Blasters (from 10 staying with 10 count for Al Gore’s, until 3….long story, Q still can’t count)

Black Snake around parking lot

Merkin/Arm Balance Pyramid from 5, 10 count Arm Balances

Mosey to second spot

Core Pyramid


Leg Lifts 3 Positions with 10 flutter kicks at each level

Leg Lifts 3 positions with 10 dollies at each level

Stretch Sequence (feet to shoulders)

Breathing, runners stretch, groin stretches, quads, calves, arms, back

Slowsy to the cars



35 F ish and soggy

PAX:  Headlock, Zamboni, PVC, Cornwallis, State, Beefsteak (former FNG), Marshal, Knee High, Logger, Woodchuck, Catfish (Down Range), DC Cosmo (Q)

A little bit tougher Gumby today (at Zamboni’s request), but turned out very well for all.  Mumble chatter was AWESOME…mostly focused on the Qs inability to count appropriately and remember L/R (#respect I suppose).  Q got some revenge with ‘forgetting’ the count on a few balance moves, breaking out C-sit and jousting with others in the group.  Great fun had by all.

Serious note:  Zamboni shared/reminded the group that this is FIRST a MEN’S group and not a FITNESS group…great reminder to strive for those “iron on iron” relationships moving forward.  Catfish brought some wisdom to use rucking for this purpose…great combo idea.

THANKS Zamboni for the insight….let’s all get to work on this as a group….it will make us better!

Nice work today men.

Safe travels for those on the road…Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Always a privilege,


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