A Frolic in the Park! (Charles Bronson Style.)

Image result for charles bronson workout meme

6 PAX posted this morning in the glorious gloom.  Temperature was decent. A little chill.



Pew Pew



CrabbyPO (QIC)


Shoulder Pretzels IC X 15

Grass Pickers IC X 15

Arm and Leg General Stretching

Monkey Humpers IC X 10


THANG – Charles Bronson  

PAX ended the mosey on the far side of the frolic tunnel of lights.  PAX performed and exercise and then ran to far end through tunnel of lights to the grass.  At the grass PAX army crawled, bear crawled, or crab walk for about 10 yards.  PAX then  walked back and R&R with next exercise.  Exercises: 50 SSH’s, 50 Merkins, 50 burpees, 50 LBC’s, and finish with 50 Jump Squats.

Kill some time Mosey to the flag.


Absolution OYO X 10

Pickle Pounders IC X 15

Flutter Kicks IC X 25

Donkey Kick OYO X 10

Plank Hold.


BlackCat was all lit up this morning.  Which means it was time to frolic in the lights.  Some mumble about the quantity of burpees but all pax prevailed and conquered the workout.  It should be noted Jay-Z did beat Piper in a foot race (once).  A closing thought to ponder.  Would Charles Bronson frolic in the park in the lights?

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