7 PAX posted this morning in the frozen gloom.  Temperature was a very chilly 11 degrees. A lot of Microflexing at the start.



Pew Pew




CrabbyPO (QIC)


Reverse Maestro Lap

Moroccan Night Club IC X 20

Grass Pickers IC x 20

Arm and leg streching

LBAC IC X 20 Forward and Backward

Monkey Humpers OYO X 10

Mosey to the Lighted Tunnel

Side Straddle Hops – OYO X 41

THANG – “Elevens @ 11 degrees” – Piper

Pax started at the far end of the lighted tunnel and completed 1 Iron Cross, Hillbilly Walkers through the tunnel, 10 WWII sit ups, and then Hillbilly Walkers back through the tunnel.  Repeated the exercises adding / subtracting reps until Pax achieved 10 Iron Cross and 1 WWII Sit ups.

Mosey to the flag.


LBC’s IC X 25

Flutter Kicks IC X 25

Pickle Pounders IC X 20

LBC’s IC X 25

Flutter Kicks IC X 25


Given the events of the week, YHC decided that today would be a good time for a tribute workout for George H.W. Bush, 41.  Pax paid homage to 41’s military service with the WWII sit ups and the Iron Cross (symbolizing the Distinguished Flying Cross 41 was awarded while in the Navy.)  Some mumble chatter about hillbilly walker beat-down which YHC is already feeling.  It should be noted that when properly layered, gas travels upward and escapes around your head.  Also note that a frozen car door key hole can be thawed out by a Jay-Z french kiss.  Ask Jay-Z for the details.

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