Six PAX posted in beautiful 37F weather for some burpee ladders and swing tysons.


Maestro Lap
SSH x 20
Lateral Squats x 10
Plank Walkout w/Merkin x 10
Reverse/Forward Lunge x 10 each leg
Later Plank Walks x 5 – In Plank shuffle 5 “steps” to the right, do a merkin, back 5 to the left, do a merkin.  thats 1

Mosey to Tunnel

Tunnel of Burpees – Start at 1 end, do a burpee, run to other end, do 2, run back do 3, etc to 10.  55 total burpees.

Slowesy to playground
Swing Tysons x 10, Hanging leg lifts x 5-10, R&R, R&R
Leg Blasters x 2, second set do drop lunges
Dips x 15

Long Mosey to Flag

Side Plank dips x 10 IC each side
Reverse Snow Angels x 15 OYO
Dolphin Pushups x 10 OYO
Twisting Planks x 10 OYO
Scissor Switch x 10 IC
LBC’s x 40 IC
Plank 90 seconds

Mumble:  It was discussed that next time I shouldn’t say how many burpees we will be doing and maybe more PAX would show up.  Had a catch me if you can planned but after the burpees and leg blasters plans changed.  Some chatter about possibly Sherming during the burpees but everyone held it in.

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