41 degrees, light sprinkle on and off in the moist gloom

7 PAX- Jay-Z, Popeye, Pew Pew, Piper, IM Wapner, Daisy- QIC


Willie Mays Hayes OYO

grass pickers- 15 IC

Abe Vagoda- 10 IC

Sprinkler- 10 IC

Tempo Squats- 10 IC

The Thang-

Mosey to happy place

Leg blasters x2

Mosey to tunnel

Wilt Chamberlian- 100 LBC, run to other end, 100 squats, run back 100 flutter kicks each leg, run to other end, 100 lunges (50 each leg)

Slowsey to stairs.

4 corner stair laps

Base- Lt. dan

Top- tempo squat

Top 2- hydraulic squats

Base 2- calf raises x2

Stair lap- 1 rep first lap, increase reps to number of lap- 5 laps

Mosey back to happy place

Leg blaster x1.5

To flag


Wheezy Jefferson’s x20 OYO

Windshield wipers x10 IC

Peter Parker Peter x10 each leg OYO

Imperial walker x20 OYO

Plank 60 sec


After complaints through the week about smoked arms- YHC decided the use of hands and arms would be counter productive and to give the legs a lot of love today. Double leg blasters got the excitement level up- only to have excitement level through the roof with Wilts! (Yes that was sarcastic) Tunnel lights were out for Wilts- which seemed fitting as spirits went dark at the large numbers. A lot of mumble with the realization that flutter kicks were 100 each leg. YHC was given Some new nicknames. None of which are allowed for children’s ears- EARMUFFS!!! Finishing with 1.5 leg blasters due to the mathematical averages that we still aren’t sure how we got was a good way to finish off the legs. Good laughter during Mary and after workout- so spirits weren’t crushed- but legs might be. Hoping this will allow everyone’s arms to recover to start fresh next week!

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