8 PAX posted on this clear 31 degree morning.  

Daisy, Pew Pew, Humdinger, Jay Z, Crabby PO, Popeye, Gasman, Piper (QIC)

Warm up:

Arm Stretch OYO

Leg Stretch OYO

Maestro Lap

Thang:  3 amigos and an alphabet exercise.  With a reference board that had A through Z, each letter had an exercise and reps associated with it.  PAX used their first and last legal name to create their individualized routine.  After every two letters, PAX walked to the three amigos and completed two rounds of jumps and merkins amongst the three semi tires.  After PAX completed the spelling of their name, PAX then continued with the spelling of Leadership.  


Crunch Frog x 12 OYO

Flutter Kicks x 30 IC

V up roll ups x 10 OYO


Moleskin:  This is an exercise routine that you can thank your parents for.  Even with a three letter name, 25 Burpees are still not fun.  And like Daisy shared, Leadership is always better than followers.  Leadership has 30 burpees, while followers has 110 burpees associated with it.  It made for a good laugh hearing the expression of PAX as they checked the reference board and learned that the letter S had 30 Burpees assigned to it.  

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