8 men posted in 28° weather on Christmas Eve






Gas man

Pew pew

Jay-z (QIC)


Maestro Lap

Grass pickers ICx15

Sprinklers ICx15


Abe Vigodas ICX10

Tempo merkins ICX10


12 days of Christmas took place on the tennis courts. 6 courts with each half of the court representing a day. We started on the first day, proceded to the second day and the back to the first. Just like the song, we jogged to the 3rd day and then did day 2 and 1 again. You get the pattern…..The exercises were as follows:

Day 1: Crowd pleaser and a lunge on each leg

Day 2: Mountain climbers

Day 3: Absolution

Day 4: Plank jacks

Day 5: Burpees

Day 6: Mike Tyson

Day 7: Floyd Mayweather

Day 8: Crab Jack’s

Day 9: American hammer

Day 10: Merkins

Day 11: One legged squats

Day 12: Squats

We completed 10 days and then started at day 12 and worked our way through due to time. Mary was skipped and COT was completed on the tennis court.


Spirits were high and lots of laughter started out our morning. That mood quickly changed to grumbling and silence after about day 5. The only thing keeping us going was visions of coffeeteria dancing in our heads. In true coffeeteria fashion, Gas Man nearly ate his weight in food. Good 2nd F as always. We missed all of the fartsackers and those who were called out to work. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good workout

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