11 Pax this morning for our first F3 Dads workout. DC, State, and I all brought our kids and we got to name a bunch of FNGs

Warm ups: Side straddle hops, Windmills, Motivator, Imperial Walkers, Jabs and Crosses

Mosey to the Bridge for paired up jabs and crosses

Mosey to the GaGa Pit for some GaGa ball. FNG Autumn introduced the game.

In between rounds of GaGa: ‘Mericans, American Hammer ball passes (combined with impromptu Duck Duck Goose)

Mosey back to start for Mary: Kneehigh Qs for flutter kicks, LBCs, and alphabet

Naming our FNGs:





Hot Topic

Lil’ Biscuit



Coffeeteria at the local Fivebucks


Notes: Weather was clear and cold. Our first Dads day was fun, rather than a beatdown, but that’s what it’s for. We didn’t even get to the frisbee golf. Looking forward to warmer Dads days to come.

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