Jan. 3

Weather: 20-something degrees out – it was cold.  Lots of jumping around to stay warm as I talked too much.








Pink Panther


Disclaimer: We are not professionals. We don’t know your fitness levels.  F/3 and Northview are not liable.  Know your limits and modify.



Trunk Twists

Kick Twists

Weed Pickers

Bent over Trunk Twists

Deep Breathing Deep Squats


Work Out

Mosey to  Lower East side parking lot rocks and choose a rock

12 Squats w/ rock

12 Lateral Walking Squats w/ rock

California Bicep Curls w/ rock to 10 and back to 1 (alternating w/ partner odds and evens)

Mosey around east side parking lot and up stairs to upper level east parking lot

Several  Superman / Lois Lanes (Banana) w/ approx. 5 sec holds on each position

x 2  Spider-Man crawl 7 parking spaces / Bear crawl 7 parking spaces

10 f 10 b Arm Circles

Wheel barrow for 5 parking spaces alternating w/ partner

Mosey to the Fish Bowl

6 mins of Yoga focusing on low back and hammies

Mosey to Starting Point


Plank 1 min

Left Lateral Plank 30 sec

Right Lateral Plank 30 sec

Bird Dogs

A couple of others that I can’t remember

Recover Recover

Name O’Rama


Thankful to have Maize and Pink Panther back from their first visit on the first.  These two guys are a lot of fun to have around.  Lot’s of great mumble chatter throughout the Q.  I do have to mention how I was not able to find my workout and through this together this morning after having read Prov 16:3 as my verse of the day.  He did not disappoint.  Blessed.  Thank you, to all you HIM.
























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