We had 9 Pax post in a comfortable 25 degree gloom

Warm up:

Maestro Lap

Willie Mays Hays OYO

Hand release merkins 10

Shoulder pretzels

Hand release merkins 10

Nipple tweakers

Up downs


Mosey to Happy Place:

Bat Wings

Bear Crawl ring of fire

Bataan Death March

Stairway to Seven

Mosey to flag


Flutter kicks

Hello Dolly’s



Any mumble chatter stopped once we started the Death March. We were one short of having 10 all three days. Hopefully next week we will have 10 each day. We would like to welcome FNG Zack “Huffy” to our F3 group. It was much more comfortable outside today than it was Wednesday. Have a great weekend and enjoy the snow.

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