31 degrees- slight mist, snow and ice covered ground.

10 PAX- Wapner, Popeye, Jay-z, IM, Crabby-PO, Pew Pew, Huffy, Maestro, Piper, Daisy QIC


Shoulder pretzels 20IC

Lat stretch 30 seconds each side

Sprinkler 15IC

Grass pickers 15IC

Stretch legs OYO

Mosey to large shelter house


Wave of merkins up to 10- hold plank (Not back down)

Wave of squats up to 10- hold Al Gore (Not back down)

Wave of LBCs up to 10- hold boat or canoe (Not back down)

20 merkins

Mosey back to flag


Box cutters 20IC

Wheezy Jefferson 10IC

Plank for 30 seconds

Walkerstrong- 2minutes


Today YHC thought we would push the envelope and try something new. Not sure it went how I thought it would go. But there was definitely some burning going on. Due to the ice on the roads and in the shelter house- gathering took place outside of the large shelter house which made things a little colder. LOTS of grumble- during the wave of merkins, and evidentially the gods were unhappy because a random snowball hit YHC….. couldn’t have been a fellow PAX as we were all holding planks! You know it’s a rough go when even Piper is complaining! Squats were not as bad- lots of conversation during squats and excitement over the free meal provided by IM for F2 this evening. Amazingly no conversation during the wave of LBC! Must be tough to chatter when the abs are engaged in boat or canoe! Lived and learned from this exercise routine Made it up to 10, but not back down. Not sure this routine will see the light of day again- but it was an interesting try.

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