6 PAX posted this morning.  Temperature was 28 degrees with a wind chill of about 12.

Jay Z




Pew Pew

CrabbyPO (QIC)

Warm up:
Arm/Leg Stretch

Grass pickers x15

Moroccan Night Club x15

Alternating Knee Taps x 15

Hand Release Merkins x15

Mosey to the Happy Place


Ran a two part circuit workout today.  Part one included six exercises.  In/Out Squats, Cherry Pickers, Mountain Climbers, Skaters, Burpees, and Plank hold.  Pax did amrap in thirty seconds and then moved on to the next exercise.  After completing all six exercises Pax took a lap around the petting zoo and back to the happy for part two.  Part Two consisted of four exercises.  Spider-man planks x 5-10, Side Plank Reach Through x10 each side, Mountain Climber Twist (cross body) x10, Low Plank Forward Reach x5-10.  After part two another lap around the petting zoo.  Rinse and repeat for a total of three rounds.


American Hammer x 15

LBC’s x 15

Flutter Kicks x 15

One round of leg blasters


Great morning for trying something new.  YHC found some circuit work online and decided to mix it in today’s workout.  Note for future Q’s, make sure volume is all the way up before you start the timer.  Good overall work out.

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