8 men posted INDOORS due to dangerous wind chills.

Outside: a cool, crisp -12° with -37° wind chill

Inside: a comfortable 57° and no wind






Pew pew


Jay-z (QIC)


5 laps around shop

Abe Vigodas ICX10

Shoulder pretzels ICx15

Grass pickers ICx15

Cherry pickers ICX15

Tempo squats

5 laps

**Thang #1

New routine called “Ascending circle of pain”

PAX formed a circle performing SSH

One PAX at a time left the circle and did a farmer carry up and down the stairs

SSH continues until all PAX have ascended the stairs. (100 SSH IC completed)

Second round PAX performed monkey humpers in a ring of fire format. The ring continued until all PAX had ascended the stairs in farmer carry.

**Thang #2

Lunge walk back and forth

10 jump squats at one end and 1 merkin with a block on back and 1 skull crusher at the other end

Down to 1 and up to 10

Farmer carry back and forth

1 block curl at one end and 10 block squats at the other end

Made it to 3 and 8


Flutter kicks ICX20

5 absolution

Pickle pounder ICX10

Pickle pointer ICX10


PAX were very dedicated to making themselves better today. -37° wind chills makes the fartsack even more glorious, however, 8 of us got our butts out of bed to better ourselves. It seemed like cheating by working out inside, but was definitely the smart choice. It’s brutal outside. Seemed a little different with the lights on. We all seem a little more “fit” in the dark! ….except Piper, of course. If this ever happens again, Jay-Z promises to cook breakfast following the beat down.

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