Weather 11 with a fresh coat of 4” of snow



Pew Pew 



Wapner QIC


Arm stretches

Shoulder pretzels IC x15

Sprinklers IC x15

Grass pickers IC x15

SSHs IC x25

Tempo squats IC x10

Leg stretches

Mosey to main shelter


Draw a Card – Aces 100 reps, face cards 25 reps, all others number plus 10 reps

6♥️ Backward run

K♠️ Squats

3♣️ High, slow flutter kicks

4♣️ Heels to heaven

5♦️ Hand-release merkins

10♣️ Rosalitas 

2♥️ Sprint 200 M.

8♠️ Backward lunges 

9♥️ High knee 

6♥️ Backward run

2♦️ Hand clap merkins 

9♠️ Low, slow squats

J♣️ Shoulder taps 

3♦️Chuck Norris merkins

6♠️ Jump lunges

6♦️ Wide-arm merkins

K♣️ American hammers

9♣️ High plank (90 sec.)

8♥️ Squat thrusts

9♦️ Ranger merkins

8♦️ Merkins 

10♠️ Lunge walk

A♥️ SSHs

Q♦️ Diamond merkins 

7♣️ LBCs

2♠️ Bulgarian split squats 

5♠️ Standing lunges


No time for Mary (got plenty with the cards)



Slick roads delayed the Q from a timely arrival so the easy backup Q is the cards. Piper arrived only a few minutes late but we opted to save that workout for a time when more PAX could experience it. Good cut of the cards by Gasman…. managed to avoid the Burpee card and most face cards with a pretty good mix of suits. A couple of exercises done incorrectly – Rosalitas are actually Dollies with feet up to 90 degrees (rather than windshield wipers) and Squat thrusts are a deep squat with hands raised to vertical as you stand (rather than squat jumps). Due to slick conditions, the “sprint” was really a mosey and the backward run was a bad idea altogether. Jay-Z took advantage of Piper nursing a bit of a sore shoulder with some light hearted teasing – can’t wait to see Piper pay him back with something fun later. Fire truck drove through the park – rumor has it there may have been something up a tree. 5 men got the message that a 2 hour delay at school doesn’t mean a 2 hour delay of F3. The fartsack was much too strong this morning. Don’t let it happen tomorrow as we get together at 0630 to send off Gasman. 

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