8 PAX posted on this unseasonably warm 48 degree morning.  
Jay Z, IM, Humdinger, Maestro, Wapner, Pew Pew, Popeye, Piper (QIC)

Warm up:  Arm stretch OYO, Leg stretch OYO, Shared competition details.

Thang:  War games: PAX were broken into two teams, Team Bravo vs Team Charlie.  Objective of the competition, return to the happy place before the other team.  Each team was equipped with a tractor tire and a bag of 12 tennis balls marked with different (upper body, lower body, and core) exercises.  Starting at the happy place two landmarks were chosen .2 miles in opposite directions.  3 pax’s on each team carried a tractor tire on their shoulder, while the 4th pax on each team delivered a exercise marked tennis ball to the opposing team.  Once the runners returned to their team the exercise was completed by the 4 pax on each team.  The runner then swapped spots with a tire carrier and the process started over again.  Rinse and repeat.

Moleskin:  Teams rucked the tractor tire at least .8 miles.  Team Bravo was the victor, a member of Team Charlie suggested that Team Bravo’s course was shorter than Team Charlie’s, even though the same ground was covered by both teams. I think we are looking forward to the next round of competition.

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