U Can’t Touch This

Weather 13 with steady winds about 20 mph and windchill below 0









Maestro lap

Arm stretches

Leg stretches

Mosey to stairs


Stair Dora

One partner runs stair lap other partner does exercises to 100 merkins, 200 squats, and 300 LBCs


Dips and merkins (or squats and lunges) from 20:1 to 10:11 running from main shelter to caboose between exercises 

Mosey to cars


Dealers choice Mary:

Flutter kicks IC x25

Pickle pointers IC x25

V ups x12

American hammers x20

Windshield wipers IC x8

Crunchy frogs IC x10



Cold and windy morning had the PAX coming out of their cars slowly. When everyone got out around 5:29 it became apparent we were without Q. Took a Maestro lap to give the Q time but it only summoned its namesake. Group put their collective slowly processing heads together to come up with a workout during stretching. First priority was to try to get out of the wind, so mosey to bottom of stairs. Run to the top of the stairs was like a smack in the face with the wind. Discovered there that MC Hammer must’ve loaned his parachute pants to Piper. First lap of Blackjack was to 10-29 but that modified to the caboose. Some PAX modified arm work to leg work after a particularly tough arm week. Even with modified run close to 2 miles for the workout. Group will be giving consideration over the weekend to appropriate punishment for fartsacked Q. 

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