32 degrees, snow covered ground with ice accenting the road says.

5 PAX- Pew Pew, Piper, Popeye, Crabby PO, Daisy- QIC

Warm up:

Sprinkler 20IC

Crossovers- each leg and hold for 30 sec

Arm crossovers- each arm 30 sec

Grasspckers 20IC

Any other stretching to get lose in the cold

Mosey to stone house:

The Thang:

Wilt chamberlain- 100 lbc, squat, flutterkick (each leg), lunge (50 each leg) run to second light post, exercise, back then exercise.

Walk like an Egyptian to Large Shelter House

The cooper- 10 squats, burpees, merkins (replace with jump lunges) then run to bathhouse decrease reps by one then back to large shelter house- decreasing all the way to 1.

Thigh master- lunge position up and down 4 count 15IC- each leg.


Peter Parker Peter 16IC

Side plank 30 sec each side

Bay city scissors 20IC


5 PAX braved the snow and ice this morning for a workout with a couple of our friends- Wilt and newbie to most of us (if not all) The Cooper. YHC was just glad his punishment for last Friday’s missed workout wasn’t working out alone! Those that made it today definitely got warm in the cold conditions. Lunges during the Wilt were tough as trying to find a non-slick place to do 100 lunges wasn’t easy. Running back and forth between the large shelter and the bathhouse also became rough as the snow got packed down from each lap, making it slicker each round. Total of 2.6 miles ran this morning along with our 55 burpees, made Mr. Cooper rough- but we made it and are all better men for it! Though it was rough- consensus was Cooper will probably come hang again to push us some more. Glad to redeem from Friday’s fiasco- still waiting to see if a punishment is to follow! See you all Wednesday!

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