Weather 32, sleet/snow, gusty winds 






Crabby PO



Wapner QIC


Maestro lap w/carioca & high knees

SSHs IC x25

Abe Vigodas IC x10

Shoulder pretzels IC x20

LBACs IC x10 both directions

Finkle swings x10 each leg

Tempo squats IC x10


Block Dora 1-2-3

One partner farmer carries blocks around island, other partner does exercises to cumulative 100 skull crushers 200 block curls 300 block squats

Mosey to Happy Place

Leg blasters 

La la leggy 

Mosey to cars

9 burpees

48 block presses

46 heavy freddies 

48 block step-ups

14 hot potatoes

Block Mary (hold a block, if you can):

Wall sit 

Flutter kicks IC x24

Leg raises x15

Hello Dolly IC x15




Workout named in honor of Indiana’s spectacular shooting performance from last night. YHC planned to honor the winner of last night’s game with BOILERS or HOOSIERS, but determined that neither team deserved recognition so called for a block party instead. Daisy rightly suggested the best way to acknowledge the game that just happened was to call it a BRICK party. PAX fortunate that it wasn’t 5 degrees warmer or it would’ve been much more miserable. Farmer carries made it plenty uncomfortable though. Needed a “break” in the middle to give the arms a rest and heat the legs back up from Monday’s workout. Back for more bricks and learned that new exercise hot potato would not be possible to 46 reps without serious injury. Good to have Bambi back with us this morning. Today’s words of wisdom from Crabby PO as he scraped the snow and ice off of his block – “if you take care of your block, it will take care of you”. 

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