10 men posted for a good aerobic workout

26° calm and clear









DC- F3 Indianapolis

Jay-z (QIC)


Maestro Lap

Plank Jack’s ICX20


Grass pickers ICx15

Moroccan night club ICx15

Crab cakes ICX10

Willie May’s Hays OYO


Mosey to happy place

Crowd pleaser pyramid to 4 and back down

Dirty hook up ICX20

To stairs for 4 warmup laps

#1 high knees

#2 high knees facing the opposite direction

#3 lunge up stairs

#4 Jump squats up stairs

4 stair suicides with a 4×4 after each suicide

4×4=down for 4 merkins plus 4 mountain climbers and back up

To the hill

Lunge down and bear crawl backwards up

To the picnic tables for 15 dips and 15 Irkins

Long mosey to flag


5 Absolution

Pickle pounder ICx15

Pickle pointer ICx15

Side leg lifts ICX10 each leg


Despite QIC waking up late, DC showing up late, and Daisy having played 3 hours of basketball the night before, it was a great workout. Some mumble regarding the “warmup” stair laps prior to the main event only reassured the Q that he was bringing the heat. Those mumbles were quickly followed by another wise crack that the Q might want to show up early and run prior to the workout. All of this chatter seemed to come from one particular PAX. It must be tax season…….All in all we worked up a great sweat and finished the week strong.

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