The Hill

17 pax for Day 2 of The Week of Cornwallis!

Q: Cornwallis
Pax: Zamboni, Swayzee, Tulip, State, PVC, Nomad, Marshall, Maize, Logger, Kneehigh, Khaki, Headlock, Flash, DC, Brickyard, Beefsteak

Warm-o-rama (IC)
SSH x 25
IST x 10


SPARTACUS (OYO. If you need a break, take an 80 yard mosey. After the completion of each exercise, take an 80 yard mosey).

Mericans x 100
Air Squats x 100
Burpees x 50
LBC x 100
Dry Docks x 100
Jump Squats x 100
Tricep Pullovers x 100
Hand Release Mericans x 100
WWII Sit Ups x 100

Recover Recover

Skin of the Mole:
-For those who completed the Murph yesterday, we were pretty smoked during this workout. I salute you all. Going to feel this one for a while.
-After losing sleep last night due to worrying about the workout I was going to do (let’s just say there were a lot of burpees and a lot of running), I called an audible this morning and pulled out an old favorite that never disappoints.
-Great having a big turnout. Mumblechatter was present, groaning and complaining was happening, including YHC. I even thought I might Splash Merlot at my own workout at one point.
-Everyone gave great effort today and it was awesome to see. I hope you got your money’s worth.
-TWoC continues…
Wed: stretch OYO for 45 minutes.
Thursday: Swing Low Sweet Jugs (bring 2 jugs filled with water
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: RUCK Mission: Operation Flying Squirrel 🐿
-Keep posting! Keep EH’ing other men to come out!
-Have a great day. As always, it’s an honor to be a part of F3 with you men!


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