28 degrees and overcast in the gloom.

6 PAX- Popeye, Jay-Z, Humdinger, IM, Piper, Daisy- QIC


Reachover arm stretches- each side

Crossover lat stretches- each side

Reach back pec stretch

Sprinklers with leg lifts- 10IC

Abe Vagoda- OYO pace

Grasspixkers- 15IC

OYO stretching what ever is still tight from Monday

The Thang:

Tortoise and Hare BOMBS

Partner up, one drags a tire around petting zoo while other does exercise. Once completed- you run to catch the ruck and swap places. Each PAX does 5 sets then switch exercise

5 burpees- total of 50

10 outlaws- total of 100

15 merkins- 150

20 big boys- 200

25 squats- 250


Pretzel crunch- 15IC each side

Box cutters- 20 IC

American hammers 20 each side

Wheezy Jefferson 20OYO

Squats- 2 minutes.


Chatter started the morning with discussion of body parts that are still sore from Monday. Sprinklers with the leg lifts worked the gluts and back a little more if you can keep your balance while doing them! “The Thang” was a good workout- especially dragging the tire up the incline and over the speed bump. The ropes didn’t hold up as well as the PAX- Had to replace them a couple times- Humdinger and Popeye were burning the rope up- destroyed it to the point they ended up having to ditch the rope and tire for the last lap. Jay-Z and IM eventually wore through theirs as well- while Piper and YHC has a flat strap that showed no wear- so next time we will use the better straps. Ran out of time to complete the BOMBS- so made up for it with 2 minutes of squats during Mary. All-in-all something different- got in a mile worth of tire dragging- hoping next time it will go off with no rope replacements and can make it through the BOMBS. Hope to see as many of you as can make it Thursday, 6:30 at Main Street for some F2 fun!

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