8 PAX braved the 12° air to post on this Wednesday








Jay-z (QIC)


Maestro Lap

2 burpees

Grass pickers ICx15

Sprinklers ICx15

Tempo side squats ICX10

LBAC 10 each direction

Finkle swings 10 each leg

Abe Vigodas ICX10


Mosey to 5 shelter houses at each stop 2 burpees were completed x5 shelters plus 2 in warmup =12 burpees for March 6th.

After the 2 burpees the following exercises were completed:

10 merkin

10 step ups each leg

10 LBC

10 dips

5 sets were completed at the first shelter and it decreased down to one set at the 5th shelter.


Flutter kicks ICX20


Crabbypo was tardy picking up the Q and so PAX were left questioning the weasel shaker up until the final minute prior to kickoff. Not much mumble chatter this morning. Once everyone got their assignment it was down to business. 12 burpees still seem very doable. We will see how we feel by the end of next week. My guess is April will not come fast enough to put an end to the burpee challenge. The final comment today came from Popeye. He told the Q that he won’t be doing burpees in Colorado. Apparently, high altitude burpees aren’t happening. See everyone Friday.

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