7 men posted in 40° gloom. That’s right 40°!




Daisy (QIC #2)


Smell Good

Jay-Z (QIC #1)

**Warmup (QIC #1)

Maestro Lap

Grass pickers ICx15

Shoulder pretzels ICx15

Cherry pickers ICx15

Motivator from 5

Abe Vigodas ICX10

**Thang (QIC #1)

Tower of Terror

Started with 1 incline merkin followed by 2 burpees. Rocky Balboas x4 at first landing followed by running the stairs. Everything except the burpees increased by one. Most completed 9 rounds which equaled 18 burpees. 8 burpees were completed at the end to finish our 26 for the day.

**Mary (QIC#2)

20 American Hammer

Box cutter ICx15

20 American Hammer

Flutter kicks ICx15

20 American Hammer

15 wheezy Jeffersons

20 American Hammer

Pretty sure I’m missing a round. We did 100 American Hammer

30 second plank hold


The Tower never disappoints. Great workout. Nothing is better than ending the workout with a Name-O-Rama! QIC #1 noticed during warmup that rather than smelling donkey crap he was smelling one of the PAX. Upon further investigation, during the Tower of Terror, it was discovered that the FNG was the originator of the smell. It was only fitting that he be named Smell Good. I To quote Piper’s advice to our newest member regarding his aroma, “Don’t let us down!” See you all Friday.

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