7 PAX posted on Monday 3/25/19.  Temperature was very nice


Pew Pew




FNG Austin Beck

CrabbyPO (QIC)

Warm Up

Arm/Leg Stretch

Motivator from 5

In/Out Squats x 5

Jumping Cherry Pickers x 5

Hand Release Merkins x 5

Mosey to the shaft



Five exercises done in succession followed by a short mosey to another location.  Rinse and repeat five times.  Exercises were Burpees x 5, Spiderman Plank x 5 each side, Side Plank Reach Through x 5 each side, Mountain Climber Twist x 5 each leg, Low Plank Forward Reach x 5.

Mosey to Top of the stairs.

Started with 2 Burpees then a Stair Suicide with 2 Burpees each time Pax reached the top of the stairs.  Rinse and Repeated but changed the number of Burpees to 3

Mosey to Flag


LBC x 5

Crunchy Frog x 5

Lanny Lu x 5

Pickle Pounders x 5

Absolution x 5

Ring of Fire – 5 Squats / Al Gore


Day 25 of the Burpee challenge.  Moseyed around the park R&R Five exercises with five reps each time. This got Pax to 25 burpees and some mumble chatter towards the end of the spiderman planks.  The stair suicides / burpee combo did the trick getting Pax to the desired amount of 50 burpees.  Looking forward to 54 on Wednesday.

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