53 degrees, cloudy and moist from overnight rain.

8 PAX- Piper, T-bone…er, Pew Pew, DC, Tulip, Wapner, IM, Daisy- QIC

Warm up:

Shoulder pretzels 17IC

Sprinkler- 15IC

Motivator- 8

Tempo Squats- 10IC

Willie Mays Hays- OYO


The Thang:

Mosey to first shelter

10 burpees

Tammy Wynette circuit “stand by your man” variation of one man standing exercises and one man down exercises- 10 reps, switch, each PAX will do 100 of each exercise.

100 merkins/ 100 squats

Second shelter

10 burpees

100 big boys/ 100 lunges

3rd shelter

10 burpees

100 Mt climbers/ 100 SSH

4th Shelter

10 burpees

50 Peter Parker/ 50 dips

10 burpees


30 sec side plank x2

American Hammer- 20 OYO

Crunchy Frogs- 20 OYO


Despite the dampness- a beautiful day to workout! Spring temps are coming!!!!! And working out after a boilermaker victory makes it all the better! Shoulder pretzels were in honor of the 17 missed free throws to help encourage more makes from the line against Virginia, and motivator from 8 not only to help is get ready for Maestros next Q, but to celebrate Purdue’s upcoming elite 8 appearance on Saturday. Nice to have a couple visitors from Indy join us for the fun today! Thanks for making the trip DC and Tulip! A nice variety of up and down exercises today- and chatter about the excitement of “No Burpee April” being on the horizon. Remember 60 and 62 burpees on Saturday and Sunday! Took a little longer than expected to complete each set of Tammy- so cut 4th shelter in half and finished with burpees so we didn’t have to do any at home. Hoping the warm weather will get more early morning motivation for more men- and looking forward to having the spring breakers back in the fold next week! Safe travels for all- have a great weekend, and looking forward to a Piper Q on Monday!!!!!

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