7 PAX posted on this crisp 27 degree morning. Maestro, Pew-Pew, Popeye, Wapner, Crabby-PO, Jay-Z, Piper (QIC).

Warm up:

Arm Stretch: OYO

Leg Stretch: OYO


Modified Cindy: 5 pull ups, 15 squats, 10 Merkins, 10 – 10lbs sledge hammer tire strikes(5 right hand, 5 left hand), 10- 35 or 45 lbs kettle bell single arm row (10 right hand, 10 left hand), 1 Maestro lap. Rinse and Repeat.


Flutter Kicks: IC x 20

Vup Roll ups: OYO x 10

Crunchy Frog: OYO x 10

Moleskin: PAX completed 8 rounds of a modified Cindy. 2+ miles were ran, 40 pullups, 120 squats, 80 Merkins, 80 sledge hammer hits, 160 KB rows were completed. Hopefully PAX will continue to push hard, with the ultimate goal of completing the Murph on Memorial Day. 56 days and counting until Memorial Day. Glad to have the spring break PAX back today, wish Jay-z would have brought some warm weather back.

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