Weather: ~40 degrees, clear, perfect rucking weather

Pax: Maize, Zamboni, Cornwallis, Quick, Iceman, Tulip, Brickyard, Freshcut, PVC, Nomad

Quick disclaimer

The Thang: Ruck the Northview 5K track, stopping about every 1/2 mile for alternating merkins and squats. Stops happened each time we crossed the road. 1st stop: 20 merkins, 2nd stop: 15 squats with a ~30 second Al Gore, 3rd stop: 15 merkins, 4th stop: 15 squats with a ~30 second Al Gore, 5th stop: hold plank ~60 seconds. Grateful to have Iceman visiting from F3 Louisville. Appreciated his feedback on getting the group more involved in counting cadence with the merkins and squats. Ended up falling short of finishing the entire 5K route but covered just over 3 miles.


Moleskin: Weather was near perfect to be out rucking at a good clip. Grass was pretty wet so everyone ended up with soggy shoes. Q slept through his alarm and almost didn’t make it on time (really we started 1 min late). Very glad to welcome FNG Joe (Maize’s son) who earned his F3 name (Freshcut). BIG appologies this BB is so late…realized that I never did it this morning when Swayze mentioned doing his BB. Appreciate you, men.

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