Weather: 46 degrees and clear skies


  1. Marshall
  2. Motorboat
  3. Logger

Disclaimer remembered.

Thang: We broke into 2 groups. Motorboat and Marshall were the ruckers. And Logger ran.

The ruckers headed West to pick up miles along Main then back and up the hill.IMG_7325.PNG


The runner did a warm up lap (with watch set to treadmill on accident).


Stretched – Downward Dog, Quads, Side lunge, Calf.

Then out for another 2+ miles heading west to see the ruckers.


Recover Recover

Moleskin – Marshall and Motorboat seemed to have a ruck. It ended with Motorboat giving some Ric Flair “WOHOOs” which is a positive sign. I had a good run, listened to a podcast (if I wasn’t going to have real friends run with me I’d have podcast friends with me) on Refs in the NBA and how difficult their job is. I wouldn’t want their job.

If you have an idea on Monday Ruckday/Runday to make it so you’ll post, let me know. I want you there and I see no reason why it couldn’t be the day with the highest attendance. DM if you have an idea.

Thank you Men!

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