Tuesday, April 23rd

15 PAX posted for a 62 degrees and clear morning.

Warm Up

Toe Touches

Arm Stretches

Merkins OYO w/ calf stretch

Side straddle hop



Figure 8 stairs w/ rock

Step Ups 

Rock Shoulder Press 

Rock Curls 

Defensive stance mirror

Rebound Rocks

Partner Up

Jump shot block squats

3 Suicides & 50 Burpees (combined) 

Push yourself lay ups

Bull Crawl up to benches by cafe


23 Pickle Pounders

Captain Thor a.k.a. Michael Jordan (1 Big Boy 4 American Hammer) 10:40

Yoga (Corpse)


Beautiful morning for the day after national earth day. Always a joy to lead with this group. Keep up the good work men.

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