7 PAX posted on a mostly cloudy 45 degree April 27 7am Ruck



2.9 mile Ruck. 9 coupons totalling 180 pounds picked up along the route. Nice final push with all of the PAX carrying at least 1 coupon, some double couponing plus what was in their ruck.

Moleskin and mumble chatter

Group voted on whether to use shopping cart throughout the ruck or leave it fully knowing coupons would be picked up along the way. Nomad made the first motion to muscle it, no need for the cart. The rest of the group quickly seconded it. The shopping cart stayed in the truck however remained with us in spirit.

Comments related to picking up groceries & actual use of coupons sprinkled throughout. Great chance to talk with one another on our ups and downs of the week and family needs. Explanation of how the cart came into possession and future use was discussed.

It was duly noted how we all have started out without a cart at the store then realized we needed one. No cart needed at the store nor while on a ruck. Great to ruck with you men.

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