7 men posted in an attempt to tighten up the man boobage.

46° and cloudy….imagine that




Pew pew



Jay-z (QIC)


Maestro Lap

Grass pickers ICx15

Sprinklers ICx15

Plank destroyers 8 count ICX5

Moroccan night club ICx15

Sumo tempo squats ICX10

Tempo lunges ICX10


Mosey to happy place to loosen and strengthen lower back muscles

Superman holds 10 sec, rest for 5 sec X3

Side leg lift holds 10 sec X3

Pickle pointer holds 10 sec X3

Mosey to shelter house for merkin mania

15 merkins

15 irkins

15 derkins

Stair suicide

15 diamond merkins

15 wide merkins

15 abyss merkins

Stair suicide

Mosey back to happy place

Partner up for wheel barrels from tip to base

10 groiners at each end

Rinse and repeat

To picnic tables for 15 dips followed by dirty hook ups ICX15

Rinse and repeat

Mosey to flag


Flutter kicks ICX20

Pickle pointer ICx10

Hello Dolly ICx20

15 leg lifts OYO

American hammer ICX10

Gas pumps ICX10

pickle pounder ICX10

Laney Lou x3


It was good to see Wapner back in the mix and Maestro modifying to put in the work. We still need some of you other guys to man up. We prayed for our Funeral Directors as they seem to be very busy. We pray they get the sleep they need and can post on Wednesday. Mumbles were light until we got to the wheel barrels. Shouts of, “Great idea Jay-z” and “the whole way?,” could be heard. Over all it was a good workout sure to tighten the chest.

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